FINALLY, somebody who likes Skyward Sword! How do you feel about the hate surrounding SS? I feel it's overhated tbh, it was a fun game till the end.

honestly, i think whoever had trouble with the controls of the game, just didn’t know how to play lmfao, because that seems to be the biggest gripe with people and skyward sword

otherwise, i like the game. but i also like LINEAR games and skyward sword was pretty linear. i can see why people don’t prefer it because of that but honestly it had a great story, decent pacing an awesome soundtrack and beautiful artistic direction so I DON’T KNOW

people are crazy yo

hi cait how do you feel today do you feel like happy :)

i do feel pretty happy, thank you for asking!!! :^ )

I feel like chewing on someones feet.



What would you like to see in Zelda u?

aha, even though they already stated it, i’d prefer if the game wasn’t ‘open world’. i know a lot of people enjoy open world games and i’m not saying they’re bad or anything, they’re just not my cup of tea.

i’m a very linear person, i like having places to go quickly and having things most laid out for you. i like preset dungeons. that’s why i liked skyward sword, you had the overworld and you’d just dump yourself into the dungeon area-pretty simple stuff.

what i would LIKE to see is a different take on the setting. something vastly different, like how most of wind waker was comprised of sea and had a very ‘celtic’ feeling to it. i’d like the game to have that zelda feeling, but be a little bit different with how it presents itself, y’know?

also, if there’s anything i appreciate more in a zelda game is kick ass soundtracks. if koji kondo is behind it though, i don’t really have to worry about it but zelda music is the shit and i hope we get a really nice soundtrack.

Is there a story behind your username? I'm curious

i’m actually more curious about your username tbh

but really, ‘guro’ is just an aesthetic ‘kink’ you could say. basically, if you type that into a search bar you’re going to get a lot of drawings depicting gore and junk (i like that shit so lmfao)

and ‘sen’ is just an alias i’ve used since i was a child. i used it in a lot of rpgs and it just kind of stuck with me all these years!!

How long are you doing commissions? I wanna get one I just don't have the money atm

i’m doing them for as long as i can!! they may close temporarily at some point, but for now they’re going to be open for a while yet

some icon commissions i did!! :^ )

(thank you ethan and breaux!!!)

I'm maining you in SSB4 and I haven't lost once :^)

u mean marth right

Caitlin? dang girl haven't seen you since grad whatchu been up to? :)

oh YEAH ANONYMOUS!!! i remember you!! how are the wife and kids ? ? ?