What's your current HR and preferred gear in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate? O:


I really only started my progression about 3-4 days ago, but i’m in early High Rank fighting some of the new variation monsters like Crimson Q. and Plesioth. Just beat the Brachydios and he wrecked me pretty hard. I need to do some serious armor upgrading and weapon upgrading. I’m excited to keep progressing even though I know its going to be hard.

i’m a higher rank because i’m awesome and made the brachydios my bitch :^ )

not quite sure what i’m doing tbh

not quite sure what i’m doing tbh

my hair is like ash blonde or gray idfk i’m a grandma so it’s probably gray

my hair is like ash blonde or gray idfk i’m a grandma so it’s probably gray

Did you actually get beaten up in high school? Just sayin', you don't look the fighting type...

no no, aha i never got in a ‘physical’ fight. i was bullied though, not extremely, but enough to make me uncomfortable

though because of it i found i can be pretty mean myself!!! words are a very powerful tool

cait whats the next con you're going to so i can beat you up/ say hello

uhhh i WAS planning to go to MAGfest but since a new job opportunity has risen around that time, unfortunately i will not be able to go this year

i am definitely FOR SURE going to SGC in 2015, but that’s all i can say for now!!!

When are you gonna be on a stream with jimmy again. I miss you guys talking about cartoons and anime and chicken nuggies and beef

uhhhh entirely up to jimmy, really!!! i don’t control the streams nor our life schedules so all i can really say is whenever we can

How many nerds did you beat up per day in High School

i was the nerd in high school i beat up no one i got beat up 

Have you played any of the DLC for Awakening? They're pretty decent and a couple are even good for farming gold and gear better.

i have the beach, future past (all three) and harvest scramble i believe??? i’ve played all of them too aha, they’re really cute :^ )

You live in Canada right? I have to say, the chocolate bars in Canada are amazing. I love the carmel caramilk square things, its so much better than what we get down in america. What's your favorite candy there?

oh yeeeah, i forgot there were some things we have that america doesn’t and vice versa of course

uhhhh my favourite chocolate bar in general is eatmore and i’m pretty sure those aren’t available in the US at all so PROBABLY THAT

are you a dominatrix?

i have this feeling there’s like one 14 year old kid sending me these kinds of questions