Do you watch hentai?

all the time

Are you a chest person or a dick person? (like men are either boobs or butt person) [sorry if this offends you]

i am a bara person

Are you some kind of mage?

a BLOOD mage perhaps

Do you have a boyfriend?

yes his name is chris redfield

I kinda am attracted for you... is that ok?

meh, can’t change how people feel!

What was the first game you ever played? (btw love your art, always cheers me up!)

awww thank you!! mmmm honestly i don’t think i could tell you my very FIRST game. i had a lot of PC games growing up, and i also had a genesis too. i spent a lot of time outside when i was young, believe it or not.

i know i played a lot of roller coaster tycoon though, that used up a lot of my PC time aha

Have you ever played either the ratchet and clank or the Ty the Tasmanian tiger series

i’ve played a bit of rachet and clank: up your arsenal aha, i liked it!

They speak French in Canada, right? Can you speak French? Or is it a specific part of Canada?

canada is a bilingual country overall, but there are places where french is technically their first language, like the province quebec and some northern parts of new brunswick and nova scotia.

i learned french FOR YEARS, that being said though, i can hardly speak it. i can read some of it, so i’d be able to manage if i was in quebec or something, but i’d still need help aha

What is your favorite Zelda game?

skyward sword :^ )

hi my name is cait and this is my lame art blog