You’re also very gay I heard it on the news

my time has come

You should enter the rule 34 business :^)

i’ve drawn the nasties before, i just don’t post the nasties (or very often, anyway)

Actually, I think you explained it pretty well to that anon. I never had a name for my sexuality but biromantic heterosexual seems to fit it pretty well. So thanks for that!

you’re welcome friend!!

What would your dream job/career be?

to live off my art!! whatever way i could :^ )

Christina and Caitlin scrub into battle! They are both Marth clones. (maybe cait a cap falc clone, for all that falcon thrusting)

no i’d be marth 2 and then i’d kiss marth

I'd go to Caitcon2014

it’d be like dashcon but instead of a ball pit there’d be a yaoi pit full of bad yaoi doujins

let the paper cuts commence

You and christina confirmed for smash as secret characters?

confirmed 4 brawl

Will you ever draw shirtless Jimmy riding a horse through the rain as rain falls on his chizzled abs

we’re talking about jimmy here

#TeamWallid or #TeamDeath


he’s a good dude

hi my name is cait and this is my lame art blog