Have you ever played NiGHTS Into Dream or Journey of Dreams?

nope! can’t say i ever have

ur art is amazeballs

thank you stranger!

Why so pretty, bes female toon lonk 2014

thank guy

Lol, I meant for PC games silly... Of course you'd get one at some point if you owned an Xbone. I guess I wasn't too specific though hehe.

oh, well, i have a mac so i have to download drivers to use it

but on pc i’d probably just stick to the 360 controller, i’m not gonna fix what isn’t broken

Do you plan on getting an Xbone controller? I've heard mixed opinions, but the Arkham City controller for 360 is also great if you ever need a new one.

i don’t even have an xboxone so i wouldn’t need a controller lmfao

Who's a bigger cutie Demi, Christina or TP Ganondorf

well first off, TP Ganondorf is a hot spicy dad. Demi and Christina are tied for cutest :^ )

ballpoint pens are not good inking pens go figure

ballpoint pens are not good inking pens go figure

Are you and Christina going to PAX?

mmmmnope!! just me! i wish she was though :^ ( maybe she can hide in my suitcase

Secret handshake?

okay now you’re pushing it

How about a fist bump?


hi my name is cait and this is my lame art blog