a while ago i reblogged a paypal tutorial with some extra info / warnings in the comments, but the site updated so i figured i’d make my own tutorial with all that extra info added in

  •  if you’re new to paypal, “Send & Request” is at the top of the page - click that and then select “Pay for goods or services
  • paypal says they will take a cut of the money when it gets to me but it’s only 2.9%, meaning anywhere from a couple of cents to a buck with the rates i usually charge. if you wanna be nice you can add that 2.9% in but i don’t expect people to and i don’t mind if you don’t
  • MAKE SURE YOU SELECT “NO ADDRESS NEEDED”. if you select the other options paypal will think i’m shipping you physical goods and expect me to cough up proof that i did - and they’ll flag me if i don’t!
  • as mentioned in the photoset, i need to be very careful about what people mention in the payment notes so that paypal doesn’t think i’m up to any fishy business and lock me down for it. all i need is for you to tell me who you are (tumblr / DA / FA account name etc) so i know who’s sending me what. if your blog name is then consider using a nickname.
black coffee and blueberry tarts are very bittersweet

black coffee and blueberry tarts are very bittersweet

i got the mcdonalds... you were serious right

no but i would still take the mcdonalds

Palutena is hot, y/n?

she is definitely a spicy mama

Anime Recommendation?

fma: b

gurren lagann

puella magi madoka magica

gekkan shojo nozaki-kun

neon genesis evangelion

kill la kill

tokyo ghoul

mmmMMMMM that’s all i can think about right now but they’re all pretty varied in genre so take your pick!!!

So you're not religious.

i didn’t say that either, but it’s not really that important, is it?



When did you start getting into drawing and art and stuffles

mmmmmm probably around when i was 10 i really wanted to become a ‘mangaka’ and write manga lmfao and idk i’ve been drawing ever since as a hobby, but i didn’t start getting serious about it until grade 12- 1st year university

What do you look for in a pet?

i can’t be allergic to it

it has to be a dog

that’s it lmfao

Are you religious?

i believe in crunchwrap supremes